Harold Frazier: Victory for our children and the Indian Child Welfare Act

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An note of appreciation for the Ponca Tribe

An note of appreciation for the Ponca Tribe from Ruth Mason who lives in Papillion:
Grateful for Ponca Tribe’s caring
I would like to thank the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska for sharing its care for the elderly and other people who need help.
I am not a member of the Ponca Tribe. I live many miles from the Ponca’s Fred LeRoy Health and
Wellness Center in Omaha.
I needed a dental appointment but had no means of transportation. They made me an appointment and made sure I had a ride there and back.
I’m 82 years old and not able to drive. A great kindness I needed to share.
Ruth Mason, Papillion

Fortenberry speaks Ponca language in honoring Standing Bear

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PEDCO : Applications now open for Executive Director of the Ponca Economic Development Corporation (PEDCO)

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Good news – Niobrara’s water supply, once affected by flooding, is now safe to drink.

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